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GCCF, CFA & TICA Registered Cattery

Welcome to our web site featuring our Himalayan &
Blue-Eyed White Persians .
Specialising in Himalayans / Colourpoint Persians including Chocolate and Lilacs

About Brontti's

We are a small cattery that started out in London back in 2007.  The cats now reside in Maine in a beautiful New England town along the ocean.  We will be showing our cats in the US and hope to meet and make some good friends in the coming years.   A special thanks goes out to the catteries that have helped us over the years especially Gina at Ashaneeka, Carolyn at Sandypaws, Pam at Lil Luv Lyns and Wendy at Purrdreamz.  Carolyn's Blueprint has given us outstanding navy blue eyes which we hope to reproduce in our future kittens.  Our cats come from such distinguished lines as Sandypaws, Ashaneeka, Laureden, Lil Luv Lyns, Ristokat, Tanglebox, Teahs, Whisperwood, Grovewood and Hadakat. 

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June 27th 2020
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