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CFA Grand Champion &
Double Regional Winner 
(Kitten & Championship)

GC RW Brontti Lady Shadow
Blue-Cream Point Exotic

CFA's Best Pointed Exotic in Championship 2014/15
North Atlantic Region 8th Best Cat in Championship
13 X Best in Show Kitten 2014
 1 Show and 1 Ring Grand
3 X Best in Show Adult 2014

Sire: GC Laureden Gravity of Sandypaws x Dam: GC Karabel Hazel Nut-tee of Brontti

CFA Grand Champion

GC Brontti Pandora Halona
Seal Point

CFA's 5th Best Himalayan Kitten 2012/13

Sire: CH Sandypaws Blueprint of Brontti x Dam: CH Brontti Mischief Molly

CFA Grand Champion

GC Brontti Bakari Cool
Blue-Cream Point Exotic 

Sire: GC RW Brontti Golden Boy Hugo x Dam: GC Karabel  Hazel Nut-Tee of Brontti

CFA Grand Champion 
GC Brontti Succotash Sally 
Seal Tortie Lynx Point

Sire: CH Sandypaws Blueprint of Brontti x Dam: CH Ashaneeka Hana Breeze


CFA Champion 

CH Spellbound Hope of Brontti
Blue Eyed White Exotic
(Masking Seal Point)

Sire: CH Tanglebox's Sugar Rush of Inthewind  x Dam: CH Spellbound Juicy Couture

What a great addition this special girl is to the Brontti clan. We were hoping to breed a blue eyed white exotic but that was 2-3 years away. Then along came this girl from a very special friend who has helped us immensely.  After years of debating about exotics we wish we had ventured into these amazing cats much earlier in our breeding program.  Thank you to Hope Gonano for giving us the opportunity to advance our breeding program yet again.

CFA Grand Champion
TICA Double Grand Champion
GC Brontti Mount Claire
Blue Classic Tabby CPC

(4X) Best in Show Cat Allbreed - PACE Cat Club - January 2014
Best in Show Kitten - NH Feline Fanciers Jan 2014
Twice Best in Show Kitten - New England Meow Outfit - October 2013

Sire: GC, NW Alizara Defying Graity of Lushell  x  Dam: CH Brontti Millie D'Amore


CFA Grand Champion
GC Karabel Hazel Nut-Tee of Brontti
Seal Point Exotic

Sire: Karabel's My Guy  x   Dam: CH Karbel's Cinnamon Girl


Our first exotic!   We have been toying with the idea of getting an exotic and then there she was at a show.  It wasn't exactly planned but we knew we wanted her from the moment we saw her.  Thank you Christine for such a great gift.  We love having her and look forward to this new adventure. 

DD is the daughter of River, our Canadian import and Chief, our US import.  We have been waiting for a cat with a huge coat.  We finally got that with this little girl.  You know what they careful for what you wish for!  Her name is quite fitting as she displays all the characteristics of a true Diva.  We can't wait to bring her out to the adult shows.  

GCCF Champion

Brontti Millie D'Amore
Blue Cream Tabby Point
(chocolate & lilac carrier)

Sire:GR CH Sandypaws Chief Manyletters  x  Dam:GR CH Brontti Paris Sunningdale

1 CC National Show - Dec '10
1 CC West Sussex Show - March '11
1CC East Sussex Show - April '11
BEST IN SHOW Persian Adult East Sussex Show '11


PKD DNA Negative


CFA Champion Ashaneeka Hana Breeze
Seal Tortie Point
(chocolate & lilac carrier)

Sire: TrouillordnLuv Bug   x   Dam: Ashaneeka Chocolate Bliss

Best of Breed Kitten
Surrey & Sussex Show 2008


PKD DNA Negative

We can not thank Gina from Ashaneeka enough for all the help and advice given to us over the years.  Hana is truly an amazing cat.  She's the queen of the household and has amazing top quality kittens.  Her litters have been some of the largest litters I have ever known.  She is also the mother to our wonderful Paris.

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